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The CO2 Act has been in force in Switzerland since 1 July 2012. For new cars, a CO2 sanction has becomes due, which can amount to up to CHF 30’000, depending on the carbon emissions. Thanks to our promotion, you can save several thousand francs when buying a new car from us. Contact us at +41 56 622 13 43 and let us offer you some advice!

CO2 taxes can make cars more expensive. The federal government wants to steer customers towards cars with low CO2 emissions. New cars are generally subject to CO2 tax, used cars are not taxable.

In order to run a quick assessment of costs, our CO2 Börse offers a free CO2 tax calculator .

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What ist the CO2 tax on car imports to Switzerland?

If a new vehicle is imported into Switzerland, the CO2 tax is due. Find out what the CO2 levy is and what you need to bear in mind.

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Which vehicles are affected by the CO2 tax?

Not all cars imported into Switzerland are subject to CO2 tax. The CO2 Directive applies only to vehicles that have been registered abroad for less than 6 months. The decisive factor is the period of time between the first registration of the vehicle and the Swiss customs stamp. Before 2020,  light commercial vehicles are also exempt from the CO2 tax. Take a look at the official information sheet about the CO2 tax.

How is the CO2 tax calculated?

Vehicle data from the EC Declaration of Conformity (CoC) are required for the calculation of the CO2 tax. The vehicle document shows the actual mass (weight) and the combined CO2 emissions. These details form the basis for the calculation and are now set in relation to the CO2 target value. The CO2 target value consists of the average unladen weight of all new vehicles from the previous year and the CO2 emission of 130 grams. Tax on some small and niche producers, however, is calculated on the basis of a special CO2 target.

N.B.: From January 2020, the government has lowered its CO2 target from 130 grams to 95 grams.

The calculation formula for the CO2 tax is structured as follows:
130g CO2/km + [a*(m-øm)g CO2/km]

a = 0,0457 (Increase of the target value threshold)
m = mass of the vehicle
ø m= average mass (new vehicles)

CO2 tax example 2019:

Assessment for a car with 4.4 g/km deviation = 4.4 x CHF 111.00 = 488.40 CHF.

How do I settle my CO2 tax?

The following documents are required to settle  CO2 taxes:

  • Inspection Report Form 13.20 A, which you receive from Swiss customs
  • COC (Certificate of Conformity) / (EWG Übereinstimmungsbescheinigung)

You can send the documents to us by post or hand them in directly to us on site. It usually takes between 3 to 5 working days to process them.

CO2-law / CO2-Exchange

Our CO2 Exchange trades CO2. We actually buy CO2 from private customers. This must be done before vehicles are registered for the first time. The price is determined daily on the basis of the market situation just like on a stock exchange. This will give you cash for your car that falls below the CO2 threshold. Our CO2 Exchange also buys CO2 from major importers.

Here, too, CO2 prices are set on a daily basis. For such large customers we offer a comprehensive range of services, so that the CO2 trade proceeds unbureaucratically. In return we sell CO2 through via our CO2 Exchange. We do this to compensate for excess CO2. The federal government deliberately intended to allow this meaningful, market-based behaviour of a CO2 ‘stock exchange’ in its legislation. In this sense, our CO2 Exchange fulfils an important economic mandate.

The complexity of the whole CO2 Act, its regulations, explanations and practice are available from our specialists. We can lay claim to having foremost expertise in Switzerland in matters relating to CO2 trading, CO2 law and the CO2 Exchange.

Find out more about the CO2 Act and about our CO2 Exchange, with which you can save taxes as a small importer. Here you will be linked to the official small importers’ and pages of the Federal Office of Energy and leave our website.