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Bisnode Dun & Bradstreet Rating Certificate AWARD

The awards of the rating agency Bisnode distinguished us in the last years again and again. So also in 2019. No one less than the world’s largest rating agency has awarded us the 1st rating certificate. Of the 5,000 garages in Switzerland, only 2-3 garages usually receive this award. We are proud of it and for you this award means safety, quality and continuity. The award is from the rating agency Bisnode Dun & Bradstreet.

Auto Kunz AG attaches great importance to down-to-earthness and safety. Our capital base is excellent. We are a very healthy company, which offers the employees a very good base and a very secure workplace. We are also a very popular apprentice company because we train many apprentices every year. Our healthy base enables us to invest in young workers in ours and our future.

Due to this very good constellation, we are repeatedly rated Top of the Rating Agencies. Therefore, we attach great importance to the quality that our company offers. At the same time, we focus on keeping standards and quality levels high.

This strategy makes us right in the sense that the rating of such a renowned rating agency repeatedly top.