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Import of new and used cars

We import new and used cars from all over Europe, the USA and other countries. Thanks to our worldwide network, bulk purchase practices and currency advantages, we can offer you all makes at the best prices in Switzerland. Take a look online at our vehicles and look out for import bargains or you use our new car configurator to find your import car!

Check our vehicles online in advance and find out import bargains or use our Neuwagenkonfigurator to find your import car!

Order your works car – import directly from the manufacturer

Factory cars are as good as new cars – with just a few kilometres on the clock – and are in premium condition. For Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, some VW and Porsche models you can choose from 10,000 as-good-as-new vehicles. Then we will import it for you. Give us a date via our contact form or call us on :
+41 56 622 13 43

We’ll take care of your import car
You want to import a vehicle yourself, but don’t want to worry about all the paperwork, customs, registration and transport?

We’d be only too glad to help you import your dream car. Benefit from our comprehensive know-how in all areas of importing cars. From transport, customs clearance and taxation to road traffic inspections, we offer a wide range of services. You can also benefit from the advantages of our CO2 Exchange! Thanks to this CO2 exchange, you can deal with the CO2 import tax cheaply and easily.

Replacing dials and the speedometer

We can convert the dials of your US import vehicle from miles to kilometres.

Converting navigation systems from US imports and overseas

We can retrofit the navigation system of your US import vehicle to make it suitable for Europe.

Changing the language on your board computer

Is your on-board computer no in your language? We can change the language of your import vehicle to whatever you need.

Motor vehicle inspection for import vehicles from the USA and the EU

We can prepare your car in accordance with Swiss traffic regulations, making it acceptable for the road traffic authority and the motor vehicle control office. This ensures that your import car can easily pass through the registration hurdles.

International car transport for imports

Thanks to our worldwide network, we can transfer an import car purchased abroad to Switzerland within a short period of time.

Service resets

Given our extensive and modern workshop infrastructure, we can reset service notifications or error messages for import cars.

Noise and exhaust measurements based on Swiss law

We would be pleased to carry out the noise and exhaust measurements of your import vehicle, some of which are complex, for you to ensure that they meet the provisions of Swiss law. These are obligatory for imports that do not have a European COC document.

Passenger protection and crash certificate for imports

This is a prerequisite for imports, especially from the USA. In principle, all imports that do not have a European COC document would need this.

CO2 Exchange and formalities

Thanks to our CO2 Exchange we can also assist you with all import formalities. In addition, we can also help you when it comes to:

  • changing American radio frequencies to European frequencies
  • installing and programming tyre pressure sensors for US and EU vehicles
  • refitting American bumpers to meet European standards
  • providing recycling certificates for EU cars
  • supplying passenger and crash certificates
  • providing the Carfax vehicle history of US vehicles
  • acquiring registration card documentation for US vehicles

We would be glad to advise you personally on the subject of importing cars. Simply fill in our contact form. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.