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We will be happy to advise you personally on the purchase of your car. Book your appointment for a free test drive online now.



Select a make to go directly to our offers for the corresponding make.

Do you already have a favourite make of car? We have more than 35 car makes waiting for you, which you can find comfortably in our vehicle search engine. Just enter the make you’re looking for and you will soon be sitting in your new car!

The selection is unique in Switzerland. Usually dealerships have 1-2 makes of car to choose from. In our four showrooms nearby you can find up to 500 cars in direct comparison. You can compare the cars 1:1 on site and even take them for a test drive.

Our independent sales consultants will find the best, most suitable offer for you. These are not just salesmen that have to push their own make, but consultants who can provide independent advice.

Because we don’t have any fixed supply contracts with manufacturers, we are able to make purchases on the basis of market demand. We only buy models for which there is demand and where we can offer unbeatable prices.

As a rule, we manage to do this with more than 30 makes, and you will usually find at least 30 different manufacturers. This is what we call a selection.  

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