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Buying a used electric car from us is risk-free: our battery tests make the difference

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important and electric vehicles are conquering the roads, many drivers are faced with the question of whether buying a used electric car is a wise decision. But before concerns about possible problems with the battery prevent you from thinking about buying a used car, we want to reassure you: With us, buying a used electric car is absolutely risk-free.

Our approach to minimizing risk

We understand the concerns that many potential buyers have when it comes to the condition of a used electric vehicle’s battery. Battery life and performance are critical to the overall functionality of the vehicle. For this reason, we use an approach that ensures our customers can invest in a used electric car with confidence and peace of mind.

Our battery testing

An essential part of our process is testing the battery of every electric car we offer. Our dedicated team of experts carry out a test to ensure that the battery meets current standards. We use the latest technology and analysis tools to assess the health of the battery.

Our commitment to transparency

We believe in full transparency with our customers. Therefore, we share the results of our battery tests openly and honestly. If a vehicle does not meet our stringent requirements, we will communicate this clearly and take appropriate action to ensure that the battery is in perfect condition before the vehicle is offered for sale.

Your trust is important to us

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their purchase and that they receive an electric car that meets their expectations. Through our battery tests, we want to strengthen our customers’ confidence and give them the assurance that buying a used electric car from us is risk-free.


Buying a used electric car doesn’t have to be a risky venture. Thanks to our comprehensive battery tests, you can invest in a sustainable and environmentally friendly vehicle with confidence. We put safety first and pride ourselves on providing our customers with an outstanding buying experience. Choose a used electric car today and get on the road risk-free!